Balearic Islands
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Balearic Islands

This is the natural space where I do most of my work as a nature photographer. Balearic Islands are a unique set of great value, despite being under severe human pressure.

I am happy to say that after many years there are still many places to discover and, I hope, many pictures to take.

Falco eleonorae, Mallorca
Sa Mesquida, Menorca
Pancratium maritimum, Mallorca
Capra hircus, Mallorca
Torrent coanegra, Mallorca
Pandion haliaetus, Mallorca
Es Vedrà, Eivissa
Macar d'Alfurinet, Menorca
Upupa epops, Mallorca
Pregonda, Menorca
Formentor, Mallorca
Alcúdia, Mallorca
Serra Tramuntana, Mallorca
Alcanada, Mallorca
Ardea cinerea, Mallorca
Serra Tramuntana, Mallorca
Ses Margalides, Eivissa
S'Albufereta, Mallorca
Cuculla Fartàritx, Mallorca
Badia Alcúdia
Aegypius monachus, Mallorca
Serra Tramuntana, Mallorca
Serra Tramuntana, Mallorca
Badia Pollença
Serra Tramuntana, Mallorca
Alcúdia, MAllorca
S'Albufera, Mallorca
Sa Canova, Mallorca
Badia Pollença, Mallorca
Merops apiaster, Mallorca
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